What happens when 5 guys in their early 30’s, who are facing the world's largest pandemic, give up on their PGA dreams of not becoming Professional Golfers? They become Professional Caddies.  You see, a Caddy is the Conductor of the train (ALL ABOARD) and unfortunately, the golfer is just the tool.  Why do you think the Caddy only takes 10%? Because he is above the money and ultimately just wants to guide. 


Our story is slightly different. We never really gave our dreams a shot and instead focused more on generating money from our friends behind the safety of our desks.  We know every read of the greens because CBS gives us the reads before the putt.  We are Computer Caddies, drafting 3 golfer teams (well 2 if you accidentally picked DJ 2020, he’s awful) to compete for the ultimate prize: The Almond Blossom Cup (or Green Jacket, depending on how many times you drafted DJ). 


We yell at the tv and write letters to players that we deem are better fit for the Korn Ferry tour. We also have loyalty to the ones that carry us to the money (thank you Mark Hubbard).  The Almond Blossom Cup has become the focus of golf season, and we have all chosen to sacrifice the other distractions of life to make sure we take home the strokes, the dollars, the bragging, and potentially a badass Jacket. 


To leave you with a wonderful Caddy quote, that all readers will find relative:

Player: “Right edge?”
Caddie: “I’m not sure. I don’t read putts for triple bogey.”


Best of Luck

The ABC Team